B2B Solutions Capability Benchmarking Study

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Now is an excellent time to understand how your business' solutions offering stack up with the industry. Compare your capabilities against others in your sector by participating in our B2B Solutions Capability Benchmarking study. This allows for best of breed technologies to be merged with best of breed strategies – while making it cost effective for companies to introduce new solutions built on technologies like AI, analytics, cloud and security. This study is designed to determine the hot spots of activity with regard to where B2B providers are planning to introduce new solutions, and where they expect to grow. Additionally, the study examines how providers are building their capability stack – building internally or using partners – or both.


1. Which, if any, of the following do you believe are key trends affecting your customers’ businesses?

2. Which, if any, would you describe as key challenges affecting your Business today?

3. Which segments does your company currently serve? (Select all that apply) And, which is your primary segment?
Currently serve (Select all that apply) Primary segment (Select one)
Small Business
Mid-sized Business
Public Sector
Other, please specify

4. Within your target customer segments, which kinds of decision-makers do you generally target?

5. Which, if any, of the following types of solutions does your company currently offer to its customers?

6. What best describes your role within the company?

7. Which does your company prefer most:

8. To the best of your knowledge, how many clouds does your company currently use? A cloud could include services such as, Concur, Salesforce, Box, Webex, Slack, as well as internally hosted clouds.

9. What are your top 3 areas, within your responsibility, that you expect new investment in over the next 24 months?

10. In what areas do you expect new investment in your company’s current capabilities over the next 24 months?

11. What kinds of resources would you like to access to help add new capabilities to your business in the next 24 months?

12. What benefit is the most beneficial for you that a technology vendor currently provides?

13. Which Vendors does your company currently work with?

14. Would you like to discuss how to enhance or improve your current solutions capabilities with the IBM Embedded Partnerships team? They offer resources and support to companies that offer IT-Powered Solutions. Indicate yes if you’d like a call back from an IBM Partnering Advocate to tell you more about this program.


BeTechly is a survey research company that conducts on-going research with business decision-makers across industry about use of technology to tackle their business challenges. Additionally, our solutions team connects survey participants and other decision-makers to solution experts and technologists, if desired, to enable their discovery and adoption of technology solutions

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