The Impact of Connectivity on Core Business Processes & Innovation

The connectivity strategy and needs of commercial locations have been greatly impacted by a host of factors, including greater percentages of at-home workers. Share how your company has evolved and if providers’ service offerings and prices have evolved with you.

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#1. Please indicate the key business processes or assets that your company currently uses. (select all that apply)

#2. How would you describe your role as it relates to the connectivity, bandwidth and service reliability of the commercial location(s) in your business? (select all that apply)

#3. Please tell us more about your business connectivity footprint.

# of locations in the US
# of locations needing internet
# of locations needing phone service
# of locations that you manage or influence

#4. How important is each service to your key business processes?

Importance to Your Business Processes & Operations Internet Connectivity Phone Service
Not at all important

Slightly unimportant


Somewhat Important


#5. Which, if any, of the following statements are true? (select all that apply)

#6. When it comes to Internet connectivity for your business’s commercial location, which feature(s) do you believe should be included in the monthly service cost? (select all that apply)

#7. What do you need most from your business’s Internet and Phone provider for your commercial locations and which do you currently get from your provider(s)?

Need Most Currently Getting
24/7 business support

Immediate technical assistance

Expedited on-site technician

Service-level agreements

Lowest prices

Fastest speed

Advanced features

Built-in security services or applications

Online storage

Integrated Customer billing and services management portal

Other, please specify

#8. Which providers deliver the Internet and phone services at the commercial locations in your area of responsibility? (select all that apply)

Internet Provider(s) Phone Provider(s)




Mediacom Business



Other, please specify

#9. How satisfied are you with your current providers for business Internet and phone services?

Internet Provider(s) Phone Provider(s)
Very satisfied

Somewhat satisfied


Somewhat dissatisfied

Extremely dissatisfied

#10. Which, if any, of the following would lead you to switch any of your current providers within the next 90 days?

#11. If you wanted to switch Internet and/or phone service providers for your commercial locations, how quickly could you do it?

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