Kubernetes Platform Optimization Benchmark Study

The goal of this study is to understand how use of DevOps tools are enabling greater innovation and agility within the applications development environment. The way developers design, build, and run software has changed significantly with the evolution of microservices and containers. These modern architectures use new primitives that require a different set of practices than most developers, tech leads, and architects are used to. Take part in this study to show how your company compares to others, and to gain access to expert insights on the best next steps.

As a participant in this study, you'll receive an analyst report with insights on the key findings. Additionally, you will gain access to a solution expert on this or a related topic by setting an appointment when submitting your responses.

#1. Is your organization currently using containers in production? (Select all that apply)

#1.b Which if any of the following, are reasons that your organization is not currently using, or planning to implement containers? (Select all that apply)

#2. What container platform(s) is your organization currently using or planning to implement? (Select all that apply)

#3. What is your current or planned primary container usage method? (Select all that apply)

#4. Which team or department has the primary responsibility for Container Management within your organization?(Select one)

#5. What are your top container adoption goals for your organization? (Select all that apply)

#6. And how quickly do you plan to take steps to address these goals? (Select one)

#7. Which of the following do you consider to be the top benefits or container adoption? (Select all that apply)

#8. Which of the following do you consider to be your top container deployment challenges? (Select all that apply)

#9. When it comes to application development, which if any of the following statements are true? We want... (Select all that apply)

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