Server Requirements for AI Applications Gap Analysis

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AI workloads require a new way to process data – computing architecture or computing model. This study will explore whether the use of AI applications is growing, the computing architecture required to support it, as well as what types of changes are required for AI workloads. Additionally, we’ll examine how this may impact operations management and determine how they are using it.


1. What types of server workloads are current in your area of responsibility and influence? (select all that apply)

2. Which areas of business, if any, would you consider applying AI principles to, have an active plan in already, or are considering an upcoming project?
Consider Applying Have an active plan in already Are considering an upcoming project
Customer Service
IT Support/Help Desk
Customer Experience Interviewing Security Assessment, Threat Detection
Not sure
Other, please specify

3. What are the greatest challenges to adopting AI solutions in your business? (select all that apply)

4. Which server vendors are currently used in your area of responsibility and influence? (select all that apply)

5. With regard to your technology agenda for 2019, which of the following types of solutions are being considered or planned in that timeframe?
Being Considered Planned
Data-driven business processes
Real-time reporting
Internet of Things (IoT)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Digital Transformation
Modernization initiative
Not sure
Other, please specify

6. For the projects you manage, what are your top requirements as it relates to servers and compute? (select all that apply)

7. What are the greatest server/compute challenges you are currently facing? (select all that apply)

8. Please select the response below that best characterizes your awareness and knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for commercial use.

Please include your contact information so we can provide you a copy of the capabilities results.


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