Storage Optimization & Futureproofing Benchmarking Study

Storage remains a critical element to any aspect of a company's IT and modernization initiatives. This study endeavors to explore what kinds of strategic storage choices businesses are making in today's initiative to modernize their business operating infrastructure.

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#1. What are the most common challenges your organization faces with your current data storage and management solution? (select all that apply)

#2. How quickly, if at all, do you plan to take steps to address the challenges you selected above?(Select one)

#3. With regard to ON-PREMISE storage solutions, please rate their important in your current storage initiatives and road mapping. (Select one)

#4. With regard to ON-PREMISE storage solutions, please select the responses that best reflect how these technologies fit into your current initiatives, plans or projects for the next 12 months or what role they will play during this timeframe. (Select all that apply)

#5. When it comes to storage, what are the top priorities for your organization?(Select all that apply)

#6. About how much data does your organization currently manage and store across all systems?(Select one)

#7. In the next 12 months, I expect data growth at my organization to be: (Select one)

#8. Which of the following storage hardware-related initiatives do you have planned in the next 12 months? (Select all that apply)

#9. Which of the following brands are you currently using for your on-prem storage? (Select all that apply)

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