The Growing Use of Analytics and AI:

August 06, 2021

Analytics and AI Trends

To uncover more about the growing use of Analytics and AI, our research arm C3 TechTargeting conducted a study to assess how businesses are using this technology. We queried respondents regarding the Analytics and AI tools most commonly used, what they perceive their company’s goals to be, and what the greatest challenges and obstacles are that they encounter in relation to adopting and using Analytics and AI.

We encountered some very interesting findings like the one below that explores how Analytics tools are primarily being used within organizations.

How does your organization currently use Analytics tools?


Analytics are becoming increasingly more important as the marketplace evolves into primarily online interaction by necessity. New ways of using Analytics are constantly becoming available and the key difficulty as that many organizations are not aware of how they can use data to successfully grow their business. Areas where Analytics can provide valuable insights include:

  • Decision Making: Insights from data analysis enable businesses to eliminate a lot of guesswork from planning and decisions and better serve customer needs.
  • Targeted marketing: The benefit of understanding your demographic audience is that you can tailor your marketing campaigns for increased returns.
  • Improved customer service: With better insights into customer requirements and buying patterns, it’s easier for organizations to meet customer needs, ensure a better experience with personalization, and build robust relationships and sound brand loyalty.
  • Efficient operation: Streamlining processes is possible with the assistance of data analytics, this can reduce costs while increasing ROI.

What direction will your business take with AI and Analytics? Are you planning to increase their implementation within your business or maybe they are not currently on your radar?


New Technology to Fill the Data Analytic and AI Solutions Gap

Each year new solutions are introduced to help IT and analyst professionals stay on top of this increasingly challenging requirement. This is why vendors such as IBM and NVIDIA have introduced solutions lately.

IBM Data Analytics

IBM Cloud Pak for Data Improve data usage to enable better decisions. The biggest challenge to scaling AI-powered decision-making is unused data. IBM Cloud Pak® for Data is a unified platform that delivers a data fabric to connect and access siloed data on premises or across multiple clouds without moving it. Simplify access to data by automatically discovering and curating it to deliver actionable knowledge assets to your users, while automating policy enforcement to safeguard use. Further accelerate insights with an integrated modern cloud data warehouse.

 AI & Data Science Solutions For Every Industry

AI is powering change in every industry across the globe. As companies are increasingly data-driven, the demand for AI technology grows. From speech recognition and recommender systems to medical imaging and improved supply chain management, AI technology is providing enterprises the compute power, tools, and algorithms their teams need to do their life’s work.


Need More Insights? Gain Access to Data Analytics and AI Solution Experts

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