Website Capabilities Gap Analysis Study

Aligning website features with business requirements is an on-going task that many businesses, particularly smaller ones, are struggling to do. Changing website platforms and requirements, as well as shrinking technical marketing staff are common factors leading to this trend. This study seeks to understand the extent of the current website capabilities gap in businesses of various sizes in North America.

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#1. Which of the following statements about your company’s website are true? (select all that apply)

#2. Which, if any, of these items do you currently consider to be challenging (or missing) as it relates to your company's website? (select all that apply)

#3. With regard to the activities below, which do you consider to be important for your company's website during the next 12 months? (select all that apply)

#4. And, which of these priorities do you expect will require outside help or support to address? (select all that apply)

#5. For each element below, please classify it as A. on your website and Aligned with your business needs, B. Missing or Lacking for your current needs or C. Not Needed. (select all that apply)

Aligned Missing Or Lacking Not Needed
Logical Navigation or sitemap

Up-to-date Product Info

Relevant Thought Leadership, (blogs, news, etc.)

Lead Generation features (forms, downloads, etc.)

Modern or Eye-catching design

Client-related resources

E-commerce capabilities

Ease of Use for creating or changing pages

Special Features, like event registration

Secure or private areas that require a login

#6. Which of the following resources are used to design, manage and update your company’s website? (Select one)

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