Adoption of Data Analytics and AI

The goal of this study is to assess your organization’s Analytics and Business Intelligence (ABI) and AI maturity level. This includes how such tools are used in your business, aspirational Analytics and AI goals, as well as challenges and obstacles as they relate to adopting and using Analytics and AI.

#1. Which of the following data analytical challenges does your company experience? (select all that apply)

#2. Which Analytics/Business Intelligence tool(s) does your organization currently use? (select all that apply)

#3. How satisfied are you with the time it takes your team to produce budgets, forecasts, analyses, and reports? (Select one)

#4. Which of the following Analytics and AI barriers have impacted or are impacting your organization? (select all that apply)

#5. Review the following statements below and select the ones that are True or False for your organization.

True False
Sharing Excel spreadsheets across teams or departments is the current financial planning solution.

Tools other than Excel are used for financial planning.

Analysts at my organization are quickly able to respond to changing conditions by modelling financial scenarios using the current planning tools.

The IT department receives frequent requests from the Finance department for data dumps from ERP or transactional systems.

I trust the numbers that are coming from Excel analysis.

I trust certain analysts over others because of their Excel skills.

#6. Which departments or functions within your organization have experienced the most success using analytics? (select all that apply)

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