About Us

BeTechly is a survey-based platform that acts as a conduit between tech buyers and tech marketing clients, in a host of markets globally. Our platform takes large volumes of data and translates it into clear, precise, actionable insight so our clients can formulate plans, make difficult business decisions, and connect with solution experts if desired.


What is BeTechly?

Using the Insight Effect – our market surveys are created to engage target buyer segments in topics that matter to them, providing them with peer-generated data and results on key topics. Our analysts have decades of experience covering a variety of IT topics and can interpret the survey results to yield nuggets of perspective for both the buyer and solution provider.

Because of this, our BeTechly platform engages businesses and IT leaders in a unique way, helping them find skilled solution providers that fit their requirements AND provides hard data on common issues that affect them.

In a highly fragmented market research ecosystem, BeTechly provides an end-to-end solution for all your market research needs. From driving primary research to supporting brand tracking and creative testing, BeTechly’s suite of full-service research tools will help you reduce time to market and confidently deliver actionable insights.


The BeTechly Approach

Through BeTechly, we help our clients develop winning strategies for sustainable, profitable growth. We accomplish this through our expertise in gathering market intelligence, our methodologies for converting this intelligence into actionable insights, and our ability to work with our clients to turn insights into strategy.

BeTechly has conducted nearly 15,000 market research surveys with technology buyers and users on a variety of key topics: AI, Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Services, Power Systems, Financial Fraud, Solutions Innovation, ERP Optimization, Servers, Storage, Security, Data Analytics and Payments.