Using Small Business Tech:

Driving Your Small Business with BIG Tech

At BeTechly, our research indicates that approximately 80% of small businesses in the United States aren’t taking complete advantage of the technology tools that are available to them.  Small business owners often resist new technology for a variety of reasons, including perceived cost barriers, lack of understanding, or they think technology tools don't apply to their industry.  

The rise of technology has driven changes in small businesses and consumer expectations. Growth-minded small businesses who readily adapt to new technology stand to benefit greatly with increased revenue, more efficient operations, reduced expenses, and faster growth.

You need to stay ahead of the curve. 

Small Businesses were pushed to quickly adapt in 2020 and 2021. Businesses of all sizes, across all industries were forced to decentralize, acclimate to working remotely, and determine how best to continue serving their clients in the midst of rapidly shifting operating conditions, rules, and health safety regulations. For many, adopting new technology was the clear solution to keeping up with the ever-changing business climate. Now that consumers and employees are accustomed to the changes, some things might never return to how they were before.


Small Business Technology Trends

Decentralized Operations
Many businesses have realized the benefits of adopting remote operations, or a mix of remote workers and on-site employees. Remote work technology means more than finding a video conferencing platform that meets your needs.  

Businesses are increasingly relying on cloud-based programs and data storage. Additionally, finding remote human resources technology will be key to maintaining a solid foundation of employees. This includes software for advertising open positions, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding in addition to software that allows you to keep track of your existing employees, the hours they work, and the benefits they use.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation
We all know the benefits of automation in your small business: higher productivity, cost saving, increased compliance, better financial insight- the list goes on.

Along with automating manual processes, small businesses can look into adopting and integrating technologies that use artificial intelligence to automate a variety of repetitive tasks. Whether you have an AI bot respond to basic online inquiries or adopting software that automates data collection and entry, AI will have an ever-increasing presence in small businesses moving forward.

Business leaders who begin integrating AI technologies into their operations will benefit by being ahead of the curve as these advancements only become increasingly integral in the future.

Advertising + Connecting Digitally
Businesses are finding it's more important now than ever to find creative ways to break through the digital noise and keep your brand relevant and stay connected with both prospects and clients. Advertising models will continue to shift toward digital media, social media advertising, and influencer marketing as well.

According to BeTechly research, digital leaders across industries plan to spend, on average, 35% more on digital marketing – with some planning to spend significantly more.

Software Integration
As small businesses increasingly adopt new technology tools, there is an increasing need for software integration.

Heightened Cybersecurity
Cyber attacks put businesses at risk of incurring financial losses and reputational damage when your personal information and your client’s personal information are exposed. As more and more business functions move online and into the cloud, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important. Not only do employee's risk a personal data breach, but proprietary company information is also more vulnerable. 

If you'd like to learn more about how new tech solutions can help your small business, schedule a time to speak with an expert below.   

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