Modernization Drivers & Choke Points: Measuring Business & Technical Collaboration Effectiveness

Research shows that modernization – which includes initiatives to use technology to automate, streamline or enhance business processes - is a top priority for business leaders. However, these initiatives are often hampered by a variety of factors. This study endeavors to determine the obstacles or “chokepoints” to modernization, as well as how companies are trying to solve them. Participate to examine if your initiatives are progressing above or at industry pace, or if you’re falling behind.

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#1. What are your modernization priorities and what are you either planning or about to start planning in the next 24 months? (select all that apply)

Priority Planning
AI and Machine Learning

Utilizing big data, data analytics

IoT integration

Cybersecurity and privacy

Infrastructure (converged or hyperconverged)

Cloud migration, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud solutions


Edge Computing

Digital Experience platforms

Lifecycle Management

Predictive Maintenance

Other, please specify

#2. In general, across the board, how would you characterize the impact of moving modernization initiatives forward on business performance? (Select one)

#3. What impact do you believe current and planned modernization initiatives have or will have on your business success? (Select one)

#4. With regard to current and planned modernization initiatives, what do you believe are the challenges or “chokepoints” impacting their rollout? (select all that apply)

#5. How would you characterize the level of collaboration effectiveness with the Technical leaders and teams (IT, CTO, etc.) in your company? (Select one)

#6. What are the common barriers or pitfalls that emerge when you or members of your team attempt to collaborate with Technical leaders and teams in your company? (select all that apply)

#7. The following technologies are often involved in many of today’s most prevalent modernization trends, which, if any, of these do you expect, plan to have or are included in your modernization initiatives? (select all that apply)

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