Business Tech Webinar Replay

June 25, 2024

Where Is Business Tech Headed in 2024?

Unsure of what tools, platforms, or even hardware your business will need to consider this year? Get an insider’s view from a panel of business technology experts for the insights you need so that your business can stay on track throughout the rest of the year -- without breaking the bank. 

What Business Technology Investments Will Drive Your Business Success This Year? 

For our registration poll, executives took part. More than two-fifths (42%) felt that technology is core to their operations and efficiency while one-third (33%) use technology to better compete. When these executives were asked what they expect to be their companies’ top tech investments in 2024, executives felt that both AI/machine learning and security were their top priorities, coming in equally at the top, about one-third or 32% of respondents. 

The live audience later shared their input via our event Peer Poll. Here’s what the 53 executives that took the poll had to say: 

  • Increasing data security risks is the greatest concern: Overall, the executives shared a variety of concerns related to their business operations, with challenges to data security, recruiting, supply chain, inflation, and access to capital as the most commonly cited responses. Many of these seem to be out of a business owner or manager’s control, so it’s no surprise that companies are struggling to address these volatile, external uncertainties. 

  • Improving security is more of a priority than lowering operational costs: Security was again the top answer when asked about top business priorities for 2024, with 39% of respondents selecting this response. Interestingly, the second most popular, at 28%, was lowering operational costs and the third, at 20%, was productivity. This is not surprising, especially for technology or data-driven businesses who might feel that preventing a data breach is more critical for survival than profitability. 

  • Executives expect AI to take a back seat to security for the rest of the year: Security again was the top answer when executives were asked about the top technologies their business will invest in this year. The next top tech was AI, perhaps because the value of AI has not yet been proven widely across all industries. Further, many are simply testing out the technology using free tools, such as Chat-GPT, before deciding to make investments. 

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