Security Webinar Replay

June 24, 2024

What Is Inside the Mind of a Hacker?

A recent report released by the Identity Theft Resource Center concluded that there was a 78% increase in data compromises from 2022 to 2023. As the threat landscape grows in both size and complexity, you need expert insights so that your business can recognize threats and stay resilient.

In fact, sometimes you have to climb inside the mind of the enemy in order to stop criminal behavior from happening.   
We invite you to check out the following webinar replay, featuring Scott Brion, Cyber Security Practice Director and Michael Piekarski, Enterprise Security Architect of Arraya Solutions, and get inside the mind of a hacker. Listen in as they provide awareness on some of the latest security threats and fraud actives taking place and how to mitigate them.

How Well is Your Company Addressing Security-Related Issues? 

Executives took part in our registration poll as part of our ongoing market reasearch. Four out of five rated their company’s security posture as either Excellent or Good. When asked to classify how prepared their company is to address security-related issues, nearly half (46%) felt well-prepared and a distant second,14%, indicated that they are moderately prepared but would like to improve.   

The live audience later shared their input via our event Peer Poll. Here’s what the 57 executives that took the poll had to say:  

  • Limitations in skills and knowledge are top concerns in data security: It’s not new threats keeping IT engineers and managers up at night; instead, it’s capacity. “Our team is skilled, but limited to manage everything” and “My lack of knowledge” were the two top responses, at 36% and 33%, respectively, to the question, “What are you most concerned about with regard to data security?” To address these issues, teams will most likely need to upskill, reskill, or bring on additional talent to help manage security programs. 
  • Investing in new cybersecurity solutions is a top priority this year: When asked about top security priorities for their area of responsibility this year, the top answer, at more than one-third (35%) of respondents, was investing in new cyber security solutions. Interestingly, the next three priorities all came in very close to one another: improve staff training (28%), enhance cloud security (26%), and finish implementing the cyber security solutions currently in place (24%).  
  • More than one in 10 are satisfied with their current cyber security posture: Interestingly, in the previous question, 14% of respondents do not plan on making any changes to their organizations’ security posture. 
  • Threat detection for the win: When asked which category of cyber security investments they most likely plan to purchase in 2024, the largest response, or almost half (45%), was threat detection.  

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