The Impacts of AI

September 22, 2022

Commerce & Customer Experience

Conversational AI or chatbots have moved to the mainstream with organizations harnessing the power of AI to provide quicker and more efficient service to their customers. 

Our research team at BeTechly conducted a benchmarking study to learn more about the value proposition of  conversational AI and how to maximize their benefits upon implementation. To gain a better understanding we asked participants about their greatest challenges dealing with customer inquiries and were interested to discover that their most pressing barriers can be in the most part overcome with the assistance of AI solutions.

Long wait times, staff costs, acquiring customers, and being able to better target customers were all significant concerns for the respondents in our survey. Organizations are don’t seem to have access to the information they need around customer seriice and conversational AI and the widespread benefits they can offer to any size business.

Customer service is the front line of any business and where it is important for business to make a great impression. Here are three ways that conversational AI can augment customer service:

  1. Supplement human agents: AI agent initially answer queries and possibly solve inquiries in the first instance through a series of tailored questions. If for any reason they are unable to, the customer is passed on to a human agent. This reduces wait times and potentially increases the quality of customer service. This combined approach tends to be far more successful than using chatbots on their own, as they cannot resolve every enquiry, and have human agents available as well ensures a seamless transition for the customer.

  2. Around the clock availability: AI enables businesses to offer customer support 24/7, a benefit to customers accessing support during off hours or from a different time zone.

  3. Faster response times: Due to unlimited memory availability, AI can answer questions faster than human agents.

Boost revenue and enhance customer experiences with AI-powered capabilities.

Leading retailers are leveraging AI to reduce shrinkage, improve forecasting, automate warehouse logistics, determine in-store promotions and real-time pricing, enable customer personalization and recommendations, and deliver better shopping experiences—both in stores and online.

Does your business use AI or chatbots to bolster your customer service offerings? What plans does your business have to add conversational AI to your company website in the future?

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