Website Tech Webinar Replay

January 30, 2024

The Reasons Your Website Isn’t Driving Enough Quality Leads

Get the next best thing to being in the audience live and watch the replay of this highly education session.  More than 150 executives signed up to listen to Kneko Burney Miller walk them through the ways that website technology, marketing and sales coordination, leadership and strategy are interlaced to help companies improve the flow of leads from their website.

Tech Highlight: Is The Identity Graph A Lead Quality Game-changer?

According to Kneko, yes! Watch the replay to hear her discuss the importance of website technology, including design, User Experience (Ux) and tracking solutions, including the identity graph.  She highlighted how this new breed tracking tech, often referred to as identity graph providers, can greatly improve lead quality when properly put into place.  Kneko also pointed out that it can take some insight on how best to absorb this tech and the related strategies into your company, as well as offered some nuggets of ways to get started.  The discussion was vibrant and covered other topics like coordination between marketing and sales, as well as a host of other recommendations and Q&A.

What Are Common Website Challenges Companies Face Today?

At the end of our 2024 events, we conduct a poll and this one was great.  We had more than 60 executives participate, sharing some key insights:

  1. SEO and website security of two top challenges related to website technology
  2. Additionally, nearly 80% indicate some issue with website lead quality – whether it’s not enough volume or not about to close any of the leads, most of those in the audience expressed challenges with lead quality
  3. And, finally, more than half are still looking for (and into) options on how to address their current website challenges and lead quality issues.

Watch the full replay, as well as request a time to speak with Kneko and her team about your website technology and/or lead quality needs.

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