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Discuss Your Cloud Cost Management Strategy with Akasia's Cadman Chui

Reduce Your Cloud Costs With an Akasia TCO Assessment

Did you know that 82% of organizations incur unnecessary cloud costs? If you’re unsure about whether you’re overpaying for your VMWare cloud workloads, then schedule a time to speak with Cadman Chui, Chief Marketing Officer at AkasiaCloud. He’ll walk you through the reasons why the Akasia TCO Assessment software should become an essential part of your cloud cost management strategy, as well as how to get one for free. If you’d like to learn more before scheduling your discussion, then check out the replay of our BeTechly Expert Connect Discovery webinar, featuring Cadman. During the event, Cadman gave many great insights into how you can optimize your cloud costs. 

Are You Spending Too Much on Cloud? 



What You'll Learn By Speaking with Cadman

  • The hidden magic in understanding your cloud costs
  • How Akasia’s software solution works and why people are using it
  • What you can do to optimize your cloud cost management strategy

Meet Cadman Chui of AkasiaCloud

Cadman Chui is the CMO at AkasiaCloud, with a background in VMware and Cloud Platform software. His prior roles at PlateSpin Ltd. (acquired by Novell), Rackware Inc, and IBM Cloud provided him with extensive experience in the virtualization and cloud migration market. 

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