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Talk Storage Resiliency with QCM Technologies' Michael Drapkin

Maximize the Benefit of Storage on Your IT Operations

Are there gaps in your storage strategy? If you’re struggling with growing data volumes, legacy IT architecture, or predicting your needs, then you need to reevaluate your storage solutions and strategy. Schedule a time to speak with Michael Drapkin, Senior Enterprise Expert at QCM Technologies, to discover how to boost your storage strategy and address gaps. If you’re not convinced your storage solution needs work, then check out the replay of Michael’s BeTechly Expert Discovery Event. During the webinar, Michael spoke candidly about the ways his clients are tackling storage gaps with cyber-resilient, on-premise systems that shore up security, reduce complexity and streamline administration.

What Are Your Storage Challenges? 



Special Offer & What You'll Learn By Speaking with Michael

  • Special Offer: Get a no-cost cyber resiliency assessment to ensure you have the most optimized storage strategy. 
  • How to address your storage solution gaps to improve security, reduce costs, and increase productivity. 
  • Why businesses are turning to Flash systems to streamline administration across hybrid cloud and on-premise environments. 
  • The different ways Flash systems can enhance your cloud storage experience. 
  • Deep dive into the use cases, costs, and impacts of Flash systems. 

Meet Michael Drapkin of QCM Technologies

Michael is a Senior Enterprise Architect providing consultative thought leadership and guidance as a trusted advisor for QCM's key customers. Michael draws upon more than 40 years of IT experience of working on and developing customer focused, multi-platform, architecture-based solutions. His dynamic background includes extensive experience in mainframe, networking, client side, server side, storage, storage networking and virtualization technologies.

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