AI Webinar Replay

February 26, 2024

How Will AI Impact Your Marketing Effectiveness?

Step up your digital marketing game with tips and tricks from the two experts featured in this webinar. We showcased two marketing experts, one focused on smaller businesses and the other on larger businesses, to share insight on the ways businesses can most quickly benefit from AI in their marketing activities.

What Are Business Saying About Their Adoption Of AI-powered Marketing Tech?

For our registration poll, executives took part. Roughly half indicated a strong desire to start their AI-powered marketing journey now, with a portion indicating they will need help to realize their goals. When looking at how marketers are engaging their audiences digitally today, email and social media are the most common means, providing an ideal canvas to enhance results using AI-powered tools to increase personalization, improve measurable results and track trends.

The live audience shared their input via our live Peer Poll. Here’s what the 30 executives that took the poll had to say:

  • Lead Quality is their top challenge: Overall, the executives shared a variety of marketing challenges, with lead quality, measurable results, productivity, lack of staff and lack of knowledge as the most commonly cited responses. Digital marketing requires a host of both creative and technical skills, so it’s not a surprise that marketers are struggling to keep pace with leveraging all the new ways they can engage their various audiences.

  • More than 90% believe AI can help them, particularly with productivity: For marketers, AI promises an unparalleled level of productivity, mainly to keep pace the rapidly increasing need for data analysis and personalization (which often go together). There are a host of AI tools available, the challenge for marketers today is how best to start using them and, most importantly, how to optimize and master their use.

  • Executives expect AI to impact a variety of departments over the next 12 months, with Marketing being most likely: From analytics to customer service to automation to IT, AI has a role across the organization to improve insight, decision-making and visibility, but the largest portion of this group (68%) expects it to impact marketing most.

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