Dive Into Managed Security with Onexte's Gary McMillan

Expert Showcase:

Dive Into Managed Security with Onexte's Gary McMillan

Why You Need a Managed Security Provider

Are you one of the businesses that receives 174,000 security alerts a week but are only able to respond to about 7% of them? If you’re struggling to effectively monitor threats due to insufficient funding, a lack of bandwidth, or tools that aren’t properly deployed, then your data could be at risk. If you’d like to discover how to transform your security strategy using managed security, then schedule a time to speak with Gary McMillan, VP of Onexte. If you’re unsure about managed security and would like to learn more before scheduling a discussion, then check out the replay of Gary’s BeTechly Expert Connect Discovery Event, where he gave key insights into the top reasons why businesses are utilizing managed security.

Are Staffing Shortages Affecting Your Security?



Special Offers & What You'll Learn By Speaking with Gary

  • Special Offer #1: Receive a complimentary cybersecurity threat assessment of your environment. 
  • Special Offer #2: Get a free managed security cost analysis based on your current posture and goals.
  • Special Offer #3: Ensure your storage solutions are optimized with a no-cost storage resilience review. 
  • Why large and small businesses alike turn to managed security experts to protect against cyberattacks.
  • The ways a MSSP can help your business achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness, and security.
  • Why managed security is more cost-effective than other solutions.

Meet Gary McMillan of Onexte

Gary McMillan is the Vice President of Onexte and a decorated security expert. Businesses often turn to him for their managed security needs because he is an amazing instructor and leader. Speaking with him should be a top priority for you if you’re looking to boost your overall security posture, as he has extensive knowledge and a long history in the industry.

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See Gary in Action

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