How Tight Is Your Cloud FinOps Game?

How Tight is your FinOps Game?

Tactics To Beat Cloud Cost Overages

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Date & Time: Wednesday, December 6 | 2:30 PM EST 

Considering that 48% of CFOs lack confidence in their ability to measure cloud ROI, tackling the financial strategy aspects of cloud cost management has reached a critical level. In 54% of cases, cloud waste stems from a lack of visibility into cloud costs. Address this in your business by joining our live discussion with cloud cost management experts, Akasia.

Our newest Discovery Event with Cadman Chui will include an interactive discussion and help you get to the root of why research is showing that 44% of executives state that at least a third of their cloud spend is wasted.  Don't be one of them and register today. Plus, get a reward when you join live.


Top 3 FinOps Strategies To Improve Cost Control

There are 6 core financial management strategies to ensure cloud costs don't get our of control unexpectedly.  Here are the top three.  Join us to learn all 6, plus more.

  1. Cloud Cost Management: Analyzing cloud spending, tracking usage, and allocating costs to various teams or projects.
  2. Cost Optimization: Identifying opportunities to reduce cloud expenditure through rightsizing, automation, and resource optimization.
  3. Budgeting and Forecasting: Creating budgets, forecasts, and cost projections to plan and allocate resources effectively.         

Featured Expert: Cadman Chui

Cadman Chui is the CMO at AkasiaCloud, with a background in VMware and Cloud Platform software. His prior roles at PlateSpin Ltd. (acquired by Novell), Rackware Inc, and IBM Cloud provided him with extensive experience in the virtualization and cloud migration market. 

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