Reasons to Optimize Your AWS Cloud Today
Reasons to Optimize Your AWS Cloud Security Today

In the last two years, 98% of companies reportedly experienced at least one cloud data breach – up almost 20% from 2020. With the increasing complexity of cloud computing and security, it can be difficult to protect your company from breaches while managing day-to-day operations. Watch the replay, with Kyle Sullivan, Senior Account Executive at Alacrinet, to learn why you should turn to IBM Security to secure your AWS cloud. He'll demonstrate why IBM Security is the best solution for your business, as well as provide expertise on the key ways you can improve your cloud security posture.

Featured Expert: Alacrinet 

As a 'right-sized' partner, Alacrinet brings the right skills and resources to support large enterprises while staying agile and focused on quality of service. They partner with leading security solution providers to ensure that clients get the best tools for their needs.

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Speaker Bio: Kyle Sullivan

Kyle Sullivan, Senior Account Executive at Alacrinet, has a deep understanding of the cybersecurity landscape and is dedicated to helping clients address their complex security challenges. With years of experience, Kyle has developed a deep understanding of the latest technologies and solutions to tackle the most pressing cyber threats.


What You'll Discover:

  • The top reasons why IBM Security is the superior solution for securing your AWS cloud. 
  • The main challenges businesses face related to cloud security. 
  • What you can expect by adding IBM Security to your AWS cloud. 
  • The key tech your company needs to boost its overall security posture. 

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